iPad Mini or iPad?

I recently came across a website :


The home page features the freebie of the week.

And it is an iPad or an iPad Mini this week.

Some company or other gives away iPad for participating in the competition. The conditions are very simple. You have to be from the US, and you have to sign up.

I did. But this is not the point.

Why Would Anyone Give Away iPad or iPad Mini for Free?

I caught myself thinking why on earth somebody gives away an iPad for free?

So I did a little research and found out that it is actually a smart move.

First of all nothing is free. Or as my friend once told my – There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

What it means that somebody asks you to lunch and says that he/she’s gonna pay for it. You have to know before head that you’ll spend an hour or more listening to the problems and you wish you’d pay for your own lunch and had it quietly in peace and probably in a good mood.

So basically companies by giving away free staff are saving the money.

1. They get social buzz they’d pay a lot more otherwise. Look at the social sharing thumb right on the top in the middle.

2. They collect your emails to promote to your more stuff later.

I do not mind as long as I get a chance to get an iPad for free.

Basically you have two options : sit and hope for the miracle or take action and you might get lucky.

Click On the Image to try to win an iPad or an iPad Mini for Free

Restrictions Apply:

Limit one (1) per household.
Available in select areas.
See website for details.
Must complete survey.

Other Places You Can Try to Win iPad or iPad Mini:




Take care!

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